May 24, 2010 | BBQ


Dad likes a barby - nothing unusual about that. A good size piece of kit makes the whole event much easier to manage than squeezing all the food onto something too small.  Here is mine – not posh or hi-spec, just a large pit and a lot of cooking space. The main advantage is that you [...]


May 18, 2010 | Ratatat-tatatouille


My tall French friend, who I first met up a ladder in Ladbroke Grove many years ago when he was painting a ceiling, and is now a proper art dealer in Paris, once complimented me on this ratatouille I cooked for him and his family. I love this dish, which clears out a whole [...]


May 10, 2010 | Littl'un's pasta

Grated Cheddar

My little boy didn’t fancy either of the suppers I offered tonight – yesterday’s cassoulet warmed up with fried potatoes and salad. Sounded good to me, but the mighty sandwich with a salad didn’t find his favour either. So, because he’d had a rough day at school involving his new teacher and a [...]