About the recipes

The recipes in Dad’s Cookbookblog are provided as seen. Sometimes Dad may not give sufficient detail for an absolute beginner chef/dad to make a dish from scratch, with hand-holding all the way.

In Dad’s view, dads take a pragmatic approach to cooking. They just do it; mostly they want stimulation and ideas, rather the full Delia. If you need instructions on `ow to boil an egg, you should be able to get the help you need on your search engine of choice.

Instincts develop quickly with practise. Dads cook something most days, and should show off a top trough at least every few days; certainly no less than once a week, under any circumstances.

Quantities are seldom exact in dads’ cooking, and timing is only a concern if food is over or under-done. If you are serving up burned or half-raw food, you are not spending enough time in the kitchen. Quick; knock something up – fast!

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