Advocating the avocado



Avocados are a favourite of Dad’s family, not just for the creamy texture and velvety taste, but for the number of different ways of using them – even quite a lot of them – when they are plentiful and cheap. There is not much you can do with an under ripe avo, so be sure not to tackle them when they are completely unyielding to a little pressure fro the thumb. Over ripe avos, ie soft, but not unappetisingly brown, can be used to make dips, in particularly the great guacamole – the Mexican avocado salad. Once ripe, avos can be kept a couple of days in the fridge.

We called out around the office a couple of years ago and and the following ideas emerged very rapidly. Everyone was convinced that their treatment of this ambrosial fruit was the only valid one:

- Sliced thinly onto lightly buttered toast.

- With a sharp vinaigrette.

- With a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

- With crispy bacon on a toasted sandwich.

- Guacamole – crushed avocados with minced onion, optional Tabasco, minced fresh boiled or roasted, or tinned, pimientos, lots of fresh squeezed lemon juice, optional pinch powdered cumin. Serve with hot buttered toast or warm pitta bread; or use to stuff miniature tomatoes.

- Avocado soup – whizz up in blender with a well-flavoured chicken or vegetable stock; add plain low fat yoghourt and salt and pepper to taste.

- Avocados stuffed with crab (the best crabmeat in the world is available from the fresh food co’s sister company, the fresh fish co): scoop out the flesh of the avo; sprinkle the flesh and the insides of the skin with lemon juice; season with salt and pepper;mix crabmeat with mayonnaise flavoured with tomato paste or ketchup (Sauce Marie-Rose); gently combine with avo flesh; pile back into avo skins; dust with paprika (Larousse).

- Sweet avocado ice-cream: whizz up with cream, lemon juice and sugar and freeze….

- By themselves with Worcester sauce or balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper with a few drops of oil.

- Avocado sliced in sushi instead of fish.

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