February 26, 2010 | Ciabatta

Ciabatta – before

Making bread at home – yes or no?

For dads, yes. Kids love it. Messy – but not too much so, and the result so satisfactory when you get there. Dad has messed about with sourdough, white bread, brown bread, bread machines, bread mixes and simple diy. All give results that are [...]


February 26, 2010 | Poached fish in wine and cream

Some years before I launched The Fresh Food Co, I worked with my good friend Manolaki Zervudachi – Laki for short – for an inspired lady called Patricia Ducas. She was a food lover who had become fed up with the rubbish fish that she was being served in restaurants. Personable and friendly, she was [...]


February 25, 2010 | Spicy Indian Salad

This entry is inspired, as will be many to come, by my old online recipe resource – we were shameless in our use of jargon – The Fresh Food Co Cook Book. This was the result of weekly newsletters that I wrote with my wife, business partner and all round better half, Josa, when we [...]


February 19, 2010 | Real Food Festival

Tolly gets the chorizo

For a couple of years there has been a very well organised Real Food Festival in London. This year’s was  launched yesterday at Borough Market. I went along with my 9 yo boy and topped up on my face to face time with British artisan food  producers.

Entry to Borough Market is [...]


February 16, 2010 | Glad to be back

Back at last with my new blog on an up to date low carbon blogging tool from Wordpress. I have been informed that it is wonderful, simple and idiot-proof – and won’t stick to the side of the pan.

There has been a lot happening in Dad-land this last year or so, too much to go [...]